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Strategies for the utilization of program work with sociology on the I length of training

Strategies for the utilization of program work with sociology on the I length of training

Course focus on the course that is 1st carried away in the framework of this control "Fundamentals of Sociology." The job is a scholarly research associated with the abstract-analytical kind. It provides a systematic and complete critical writeup on the literature on a particular problem that is scientific the analysis of materials on the nagging issue area. It could evaluate the reputation for the matter, the amount of elaboration regarding the issue in concept and practice, identified by way of an analysis that is comparative of literary works. The job will not includethe introduction of tools together with number of empirical information.

Development of student’s skills could be the task that is main of

Planning associated with the course work with the very first 12 months of research is directed at growth of specific abilities:

- formula and analysis of particular problems that are social sociological terms;

- seek out domestic and international literature that is scientific a specific topic;

- comprehending and structuring the knowledge gotten;

- proper citation or description associated with the ideas and outcomes of other authors, researchers, plus the development of the capability to write obviously and logically.

As mandatory demands for the work are:

- an obvious formulation that is sociological of or systematic dilemmas;

- setting goals;

- a sociological definition of the ideas found in the job ( having a description, if required, for the differences when considering the each day and systematic definitions of this concept);

- consideration of various points of take on the issue, that are reflected into the medical literary works, their contrast and evaluation;

- a declaration into the text of their very own knowledge of the issue.

Introduction of course work and its own features

In the 1st year, the introduction suggests the obligatory presence associated with the after structural elements:

1) the relevance associated with extensive research subject;

2) their education of clinical elaboration associated with issue;

3) the purpose of the program work;

4) coursework tasks;

5) the subject and object associated with program work;

6) research techniques;

7) the structure regarding the program work.

The primary area of the program work

Two chapters and 2-3 paragraphs should express the materials associated with main the main work. This content of chapters and paragraphs should completely reveal the tasks assigned, the research subject and become presented regularly and logically. (more…)

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